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Upsonic Power Modular UPS 20kVa - 400kVa

Upsonic Power 20 kVA - 400 kVA Advanced Modular Design and Redundant Power System

Upsonic Modular UPS Series

The Upsonic Modular UPS Series, is a modular and online double conversion UPS for sensitive equipment. The power rating covers the range from 20 KVA to 400 KVA which delivers the best combination of reliability, functionality, hot-swappable and flexibility at a competitive price. It is designed specifically for data centers, critical equipment and computer systems. 

The Upsonic Modular UPS Series combines the latest IGBT three level technology together with DSP control arithmetic. Combined with high input power factor, low THDi and high system efficiency, this achieves very high load adaptability for multiple varying applications. 

The modular design ensures reliable, trouble free operation. Power expansion is easy by adding modules to the system up to 200 KVA in a single frame. It is possible to connect two frames in order to reach the maximum level of 400 KVA. 

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