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Alpha Tempest Enclosures

Alpha Tempest Enclosures

The Tempest Enclosures are designed for rugged outdoor usage and storage. They are ideal for use in the telecommunications industry for wireless, ADSL, TI and fibre optic applications as they ensure physical breach security with a pad-lockable front door and they ensure equipment runs at optimal temperature with ventilation and cooling.

The Te20b enclosure's rugged design ensures optimal battery temperature is maintained with an integrated solar shield, heater and air-conditioner. The unit has a steel frame, Aluminium shell and the exterior is protected with security switches, pad-lockable doors and intrusion alarms.

The Te25 and Te25xh enclosures have an Aluminium build with the structural integrity to withstand extreme weather conditions and vibrations, and can be pole or pedestal mounted for outdoor applications, or rack or wall mounted for indoor applications.


Te25 and Te25xh:

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